Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Melrose and Stoneham MA

Melrose, Stoneham and Wakefield are part of Middlesex County and what is known as the Greater Boston. Melrose and Stoneham were actually part of Charlestown during the 1700s. Both becoming towns and cities in their own right over the next couple centuries. Wakefield, too, has plenty of history and in 2012 celebrated its bicentennial! In old towns like these, though, sometimes the plumbing–out of eyesight–can go neglected and cause home-owners no end of trouble. Even if your home’s laundry machine, dishwasher drain and toilet system are all brand new, the sewer lines that lead to and from your house might not have been replaced in decades.

These essential pieces of equipment may be constructed using relatively fragile materials like cast iron or pressed ceramic and could be susceptible to clogging, thinning and dislocation. Before your home and property suffer costly water damage, schedule a video pipe inspection to look for trouble areas within your home’s plumbing system.

DrainPro Corp has been serving the Melrose, Stoneham, & Wakefield, MA areas since 1982. Our team of sewer and drain cleaning professionals provide 24/7 service. From trenchless pipe replacement, video pipe inspection, water jetting and drain and sewer cleaning, you can count on the team at DrainPro Corp.

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