Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Peabody, MA

After changing its name from South Danvers to Peabody in the 1860s, this fast-growing North Shore town quickly turned into a regional economic powerhouse. Through the early 20th century, Peabody was an important industrial center and a vital hub in a growing transportation network that connected the burgeoning cities of southern New Hampshire with Greater Boston. Many of its original factories, office buildings and residences remain intact. 
If you live in one of Peabody’s pre-World War I wood-frame houses, you probably have some experience with faulty plumbing. Even if your home’s laundry machine, dishwasher drain and toilet system are all brand new, the sewer lines that lead to and from your house might not have been replaced in decades.

These essential pieces of equipment may be constructed using relatively fragile materials like cast iron or pressed ceramic and could be susceptible to clogging, thinning and dislocation. Before you wake up to find the first floor of your house covered in ankle-deep water, schedule a video pipe inspection to look for trouble areas within your home’s plumbing system.

 Tree Root Damage. Tree root damage is also a major headache for many Peabody homeowners.

DrainPro Corp provides superior sewer and drain cleaning services throughout Peabody, MA. With our state of the art equipment, we can inspect your pipes and quickly diagnose the problem as well as locate any underground sewer pipes.

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